It’s now officially spring and the weather continues to turn. This time of year, brings us so much in terms of mood, emotion and events. When you can capture all three, it becomes and exciting march to Summer. An event that is always circled on our calendar is the Macy’s annual Flower Show. It brings a fresh bloom (sorry, we had to) to the year and is the start of something special.

The decadent and epic flower exhibition that Macy’s produces every year has people from everywhere flocking to the flagship. It’s begun to blossom again on Sunday, March 26 and will run through Monday, April 10 right in Herald Square.

If you’re a flower lover, you’ll be absolutely speechless with the gorgeous display of various flowers at this festival. The show will operate during regular store hours and entry is completely free! That is our favorite price!

The vast variety of flowers are native to countries all around the world. However, Macy’s has partnered with many growers, some throughout New York State, to create a unique & wonderful palette you would never see all together in nature. Some florals are from nurseries in scenic upstate New York, home to a number of botanical gardens, parks, farms & floral festivals. The flowers are then transported to greenhouses in Long Island, which is known for its majestic beaches & award-winning vineyards.

Also, back by popular demand, tours will return for the 2023 Flower Show. They step off inside the store near the W. 35th St. & Broadway entrance every 20 minutes from store opening until the last tour at 1pm. The tours are first come, first served & reservations are not required. Tour guides will explain the history of the Flower Show at Macy’s, how it comes together each year, and the inspiration for this spring’s event. Plus, they’ll describe the full details of all the plants that appear in the show.

Clearly a special show and event to help kick off the Spring!

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