We’re always curious and intrigued by shows with a cast member of 1. To be on stage, alone is no easy feat. To re-enact a short story from 1835 and do it alone in 2018 on West 54th Street just seems impossible. Unless you’re Ilia Volok.

New York Events had the opportunity to experience Volok’s take on Nikolai Gogol’s dark piece from over 100 years ago. The story centers on the gradual decline into insanity by Poprishchin, a low-ranking civil servant who yearns to be noticed by the beautiful daughter of a senior official.

Volok’s performance was amazing! He took you on a journey that is likely familiar to us all. The details were less important as the setting could be from Russia in the 1800s or New York City today. The audience feels Poprishchin’s pain and love. His frustrations for where he is in life. The limits placed on him from the bureaucracy.

Volok brings the play to the New York stage with the hope that audiences will embrace this everyday man. He says, “The story of Poprishin- the main character in the Diary of a Madman is timeless and Universal- anywhere in the world people can relate to it. It deals with love, desire, obsession, rejection, hope and broken dreams… I hope the NYC audience will feel compassion for Poprishin- it would be the best reward for me as an Actor…”  We can tell you with complete confidence that it will.

The Diary of a Madman is a story that stands the test of time which add’s to Gogol’s brilliance. The show is directed by acclaimed Russian actor/director, Eugene Lazarev and is playing at The American Theatre of Actors located at 314 W 54th St, New York City 10019. We’re told that the show has been extended so you have no excuses to see and experience an old tale that will sound like someone you know. For more information, visit volok-diaryofamadman.weebly.com. For tickets, go to smarttix.com.