Effective networking is all about coming together with the best like-minded people. Whether it is for creating a new idea or simply looking to change careers or move into a different role, having the ability to connect and reach out to the very best decision makers and business leaders is vital in any industry. Finding a forum that facilitates this can be challenging and lackluster. That was until Crossroads, when everything seems to all come together. This community is the new face of networking. It is an invite only, private community where top minds and bright minded professionals are allowed in. Sounds too exclusive for your tastes? It’s not like that at all! Crossroads self-selects who attends the events through this system. By using this method of spreading the word, it ensures a high level of quality for those who become members and/or attend events. So, whether looking for help or there is the drive to connect with professionals in other fields, nobody needs to settle for anything less than the best.

Crossroads is the brain child of Marc Keveles. As a high level executive and business owner, Marc discovered the need to find top talent early on in his business career. However, sifting through the qualified and the unqualified is far more difficult than it seems, especially when attending network events. Traditional networking events can prove insightful in some ways, but it is also often overwhelmed with inferior individuals who are just looking to find someone higher up the ladder to possibly give them a job or break down walls to secure financing for a love project. While this can be useful from time to time, for the best of the best decision makers and business leaders looking for like-minded people, that can become a deterrent that prevents such individuals from attending networking events. Crossroads strips away all the fat and leaves only the people who want to come together and achieve common goals. Crossroads accomplishes this through a multiple city platform and works together on ideas while driving independent business.

We had the opportunity to experience this first hand earlier this week when we attended our first Crossroads event. The downtown venue was hand selected and extra special to us New Yorkers as some of the best artists used to perform there. Notice that we are not disclosing the location as that is all part of the Crossroads experience and exclusivity. We can tell you who we met but we won’t. You should know that we met people from various industries in various roles and as generic as that sounds, unfortunately, we cannot give you any more. What we can say is that you should contact Marc at and find out if this is something for you.

This teaser is just that and we hope to see you at a Crossroads event soon!