Collegiate Chorale:Mefistofele

Collegiate Chorale:Mefistofele

Here we go again at Carnegie Hall to view the premier of Mefistofele presented by the Collegiate Chorale.

Without further ado, let’s get on with the show!

In a nutshell, this Opera is a prologue presented in four acts. While we think everything is evident, just then some more unexpected twists and turns erupt.

This back and forth journey brings us to the edge of our seats as we explore a love triangle between Mefistofele – the main character, Marta, Margherita, and Faust.

While it seems like a challenge for the audience to keep up with the story-line, it gets easier as we progress onward.

The background of the Collegiate Chorus accompanied by the incredible synchronization of the Symphony, provides serenity to a chaotic love story.

As the lovers attempt to sneak around while denying to the world the reality of infinite desire, Mefistofele becomes even more interesting. A potpourri blend of betrayal, deceit, anger, wrath, revenge- and of course love.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t love every minute of it.

As always, the Collegiate Chorale and the setting of Carnegie Hall – one of New York’s iconic venues, never fails to deliver an outstanding experience. We can only look forward to more performances in the near future.

By: Laura Artis