The Holidays have been here and now the weather is lining up. If you’ve been hopping around town lately and enjoying Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park and all the other Holiday Markets popping up around our city, you have the feels. It’s the most special time around here and we celebrate it well. Add that to a post-pandemic world where we all appreciate It just a little bit more and you’re probably just as giddy as us.

What seems to be the final week of Holiday Parties and events, not much work is expected to get done. With that, there is plenty of time to enjoy the remainder of our holiday season and everything that brings the crowds to our streets!

If you live in Brooklyn or just love New York during Christmas, one of the most popular attractions to enjoy is the Dyker Heights Christmas lights display. People flock to catch a glimpse of these beautiful lights and all the effort that goes into creating the experience in Brooklyn.

You can also spend time outdoors ice skating. We have plenty of options here across all five boroughs, especially during the holiday season. What’s better than sailing along the ice and pretending you’re in a holiday movie? Maybe Lifetime or Hallmark isn’t your thing, but this will be an adventure you can’t find anywhere else.

Back to Brooklyn, this winter, you can relax in a private red cedar sauna or soak in a hot tub while enjoying stunning views of the New York City skyline. Winter Spa at The William Vale hotel in Brooklyn is now open through March 2023 offering a cozy, Scandinavian-inspired wellness experience. The al fresco pop-up spa features five cedar saunas and two hot tubs on the luxury hotel’s outdoor terrace, where you can sweat out all the stress of the year in a tranquil urban oasis.

As you can see, we’re all over the place with recommendations and suggestions. Its Christmas in New York and this is only a sliver of what’s available. Enjoy the final week!