Don’t worry; we didn’t know who they were until very recently either. In fact, everyone looking for them didn’t know who they were until they found them. Considered by some to be criminals and others say they’re artists. We say that they’re somewhere in-between.

John Roebling, the engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge died on July 22, 1869. On Roebling’s anniversary, Leinkauf and Wermke celebrated the “the beauty of public space” and the great American bridge by switching the large American flags atop the Brooklyn bridge with white flags. Some saw this as an act of terrorism; they say that it’s art.

Regardless of where you stand on the criminality of the issue, it was a dangerous feat that didn’t harm anyone. It definitely questions the security of the bridge but that’s another story. Our takeaway is that we haven’t walked the Brooklyn Bridge all summer! That also means that we haven’t had Grimaldi’s all year! You better believe that we are headed that way ASAP!

When we say Grimaldi’s, we are also referring to Juliana’s as well! You can’t make the trip to DUMBO’s Front Street and not try both! The family feud and oven debacle is legendary!

Both pizza joints are great! If you’re not a heifer like us, then do one at a time. Start with Grimaldi’s…and go back the next day!

Seriously, it’s summer…take advantage of the weather and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s even great to do on a weeknight. If the exercise, views and breeze from the walk across don’t excite you, the pizza will surely be your silver lining!