With snow reports on the radar and locals talking about ‘flakes’ falling, we’re starting to head back to our parents’ homes and storage facilities to grab our skis and snowboards! While it will be awesome to have our gear out in our shoebox apartments, it would definitely be more useful in some snow!

Winter is around the corner which means ski season which means Hamptons-North if you’re into Hunter. We’re so so on the idea. The East Coast is limited in its mountain offerings but for an extra two hour drive, you can be in Killington, VT! So what do you say?


Vermont has more than maple syrup and Ben and Jerry’s! Yes, the conditions are significantly better than what you’ll find in Windham or Hunter but that’s not all that’s better. The mountain shuts down at 4PM so what do all those skiers and snowboarders do? You guessed it…Extended Happy Hour!

The town is rocking and we can’t wait to be a part of it. Just four weeks until we host our Annual Trip to Killington, Vermont!

If you haven’t found the details or don’t follow us on Twitter, for just $190 you and friends can stay at Pinnacle Condominiums, be a part of the party and walk to the lifts! Speaking of which, the package includes a two-day lift ticket.

Interested? Check out all the details and RSVP at www.newyorkevents.co/ski!

Space is limited and we’re near capacity so sign up now to round out our rocking crowd!