The MTA has an awful rep. No matter how expansive the system is, no matter how rude the employees may be, no matter how dirty the tracks are and bad the drivers are, they are a central criticism for all New Yorkers. To put it in context, Los Angeles bitches about the traffic, we bitch about the MTA (and the weather).

I wont even try to argue the fact that you can go ANYWHERE in the city for $2.75 and that it runs 24/7 and safe but I will point out that they’re doing something great in an epic space they crafted. We should also mention that they teamed with Poetry Society of America and the Arts and Design initiative. Sorry, MTA, you don’t get ALL the credit! Oh and by the way, these organizations were responsible for bringing Poetry in Motion to the subway system in 1992, inspired in part by a similar program on the London Underground.

April is National Poetry Month and the MTA is hosting an event at the Fulton Center. Just for a day, everyone could stop complaining and enjoy some poetry by some of the finest artists around. Not to mention, checking out a breathtaking station (and that does the venue ZERO justice). The lineup includes Sharon Olds, Marie Howe and Bob Holman, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club. If you don’t know these folks, you should probably Google them. They’ll be accompanied by musicians from Music Under New York.