We live in a city that is filled with more art than we can consume. Between the galleries, theater, museums, opera, ballet and more, the question is what to do and when. That is not the case in most cities across the world. We are extremely fortunate and should definitely take advantage of everything in arms reach. Unfortunately, that comes at a price.

Going out is expensive. Even if we do skip the pre-theater meal or get a deal on Groupon, it all adds up! For one, the tickets are expensive! Why? Well, it’s New York City. Sorry, we do not have a better answer. However, we do have some good news.

Peter Gelb, General Manager of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City took over in 2006 and almost immediately introduced a reasonable price point to see the opera. A genius move and awesome for us New Yorkers looking to get our artistic fix. The program was made possible by a grant from Agnes Varis, an advocate for the arts and the founder and chief executive of Agvar Chemicals. Even if you don’t think you’re into it, dressing up and going to Lincoln Center is worth the price of admission which lucky for us, can be cheap!

Mr. Gelb introduced a rush ticket program, which offers up to 100 $25 tickets (via lottery) in prime seating locations for each performance at The Metropolitan Opera. We’re not kidding!

Like any other program, there is some controversial thoughts on the issue. We say let those who want to argue duke it out. Let’s enjoy the cheap (awesome) seats!