233 Fifth Ave @ 27th Street
New York, NY 10016
Tel: {212} 689-6337
Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs 10am-p.m; Friday –Sat 10am-9pm
Website: www.museumofsex.com


Hello New Yorkers and visitors alike, the title above is not a typo; we are exposing the pleasure principle and taboos. Before we proceed, I hope you, the readers meet the age requirements to read this and or attend the Museum. Then again, I promise this is not your typical in depth review as some would desire it to be; but for the sake of maintaining integrity of covering the Museum of Sex, it is up to you to feed your curiosity if you dare. This is a very interesting landmark, in New York, rest assured, life shines in a different light after your first visit. After meeting with a friend halfway on the street while walking on a mission towards another destination, it is easy to blame the distractions from the lights temporarily detouring our plans. After a few moments of tango dancing between whether or not to pursue forward, the final decision was clear; get over the pre-assumptions and step in.


While looking behind at the doors and around, and walking to the register, I recited a quick emergency plan in case the cover was blown. The sales clerk directed the way to the exhibit and panic set in but remained ready to accept our temporary surroundings. A sigh of relief washes and calms the anxiety as we walk through an organized set of images, captions, and un-filtered videos; it is not as bad as it seems. My friend and I separate between the two floors and afterwards meet downstairs at the OralFix Bar to exchange notes of our experience, and other unexplained personal moments. The bar offers tantalizing aphrodisiac finger food and beverages ranging from shots, sodas, and wine, composed of natural elements that spark up the internal sexual flame. You can plan your visit according to the calendar of events, or just walk in. You never know, this could ignite the mood for the remainder of the day or night, or you might learn something, or both.


By: Laura M. Artis.