A musical about the statue of Liberty created by the producer of Kensington Theater will make its debut finally. The debut will take place in Warner Theater in Torrington. It is being said that a lady wearing a copper brown gown will come up the stage and sing the story of the statue of Liberty and how it came to America like so many other immigrants or New Yorkers.

It was mentioned by the producer, Theresa Wozunk, that she is a young individual who is on a journey to find herself. When it was 2008, the producer bought the rights to produce the show commercially since she was fascinated by the statue of liberty. Her interest in this statue was inspired by the family stories about her Italian grandpa.

Enrico Ciampoli, who was just 17, joined army and fought in World War for his new country since he was devoted to America and had settled an year before against the wishes of his parents. This man was so much dedicated to America that he learnt English and never spoke in Italian in public.  Similarly this statue of liberty has its tales to tell.

This statue of liberty almost got deported to France as the government had stopped funding for the statue’s pedestal and was confused as to where to put this lady. She sat in almost 200 crates which is now the Liberty Island.

There are 2 main reasons to make a debut in New York. First and the obvious reason is the audience or the tourists who love to see the statue in Lower Manhattan and secondly to give the audiences a look of the production of the show that has been sung by Diana DeGarmo who was a participant of American Idol. The producer hopes that they get a good opening of the concert in New York.


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