2014 NAPW Conference

2014 NAPW Conference

“If you can look up, you can get up,” sounds like a great quote served by the one and only – Star Jones.

Good Morning movers and shakers of all the world and welcome to the 2014  NAPW Conference at the Marriott Marquis on April 25th.

Yes, the beautiful rotating restaurant resides here – and imitating their motto – “sit back and enjoy the View.”

We were so inspired from last year that we decided to return again to bring you more highlights and success tips to take you to the next level – cue Beyonce’s song: Who run the world – (Girls).

Gentlemen , take a seat because today belongs to the ladies.

During a brief moment of the meet and greet while women dressed in power suits walk around multi-tasking with making deals and confirming weekend schedules on electronic devices, your writer was busy setting up camp, taking pictures, and hoping to steal a few minutes with the panel guests- including the moderator of the organization – Star Jones.

Even though your writer was past the “star” struck phase (no pun intended), it was an awesome experience to have a few minutes with Ms. Jones, Barbara Corcoran, and Ms. Robin Roberts- Author and co-anchor from Good Morning America.

After the welcome remarks from Star, the Conference was on its way. Moments later, motivational speaker – Dr. Teresa Kennedy paves the way with an incredible speech and opens up the entrepreneur panel.

Among the attendees were Alexa Von Tobel (CFP by trade but CEO and Founder of Learnvest.com by experience, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (Co-Founder of GILT, Head of Strategic Alliances of GILT CITY, and Elena Kiam (Creative Director and owner of Lia Sophia.

After a short break -a shark appears on stage – not the kind that lives in the water – but at this point it might as well be.

The one and only – Barbara Corcoran, owner and founder of the Real Estate Firm – the Corcoran Group, NY Times Best Selling Author and of course – (drum roll please) one of the team members on the hit show: Shark Tank – this production is amazing by the way for those who have yet to experience it.

Twenty jobs by age 23, a straight D student, a minor learning impairment, people telling her she would ever succeed – yet she is on top of her game.

In case you thought this was the end – think again because it was only the beginning and other introductions to great women who inject more doses of inspiration that include:

Special Guests and panelists: Robin Roberts, Emme ( Plus Size Supermodel and Image Consultant), Dr. Priscilla Douglas (Executive Coach, Author, Founder & Principal of PHDouglas & Associates), Amanda Steinberg ( Founder of DailyWorth.com) Dr. Holly Phillips (Medical Contributor for CBS NEWS, & Board Certified Internist), Lisa Price (CEO & Founder of Carol’s Daughter -providing exceptional hair products and last but not least – Randi Zuckerberg.

The last name should ring a bell since not is she is one of the sisters of Mark Zuckerberg – CEO and Founder of Facebook but she is also the CEO and Founder of her own company- Zuckerberg Media and she is also the Editor- In – Chief at Dot Complicated.

The Philanthropy panel included Nancy Brown ( President & CEO of the American Heart Association, Myra. J. Biblowit ( President & CEO of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation), Joi Gordon ( President & CEO of Dress for Success) and Patricia .A. Driscoll (COO of Girls Inc).

Phew – but wait there is more.

The Style Panel includes Courtney Weinblatt (Marketing Director) and Nancy Cardone (Vice President/ Publisher) who both work for Marie Claire.

Lessons learned: Be bold, take risks and keep fighting for what you want. If people turn their back on you – say f**k you and have the strength to get up again, keep it going until all goals are fulfilled.

-Look and act bigger than you are and brag about it before you get there – aka fake it until you make it. Put yourself in an uncomfortable pressure to succeed. Also, when hiring people consider taking on people how the opposite of yourself. Ask – are you a container or expander?

A container is a person who loves to control chaos and an expander is the one who is comfortable and confident that out of the box thinking will create more opportunities . Also stop meditating on the injury. ~ Barbara Corcoran.

-When pursuing a goal – remind yourself to be present and take it one day at at time. If you are attending an interview, remember to “whisper don’t shout”- meaning keep it simple and stick to the classics – if you have to think twice about an outfit or accessories, then don’t do it.

“Turn your mess into a message,” ~ Robin Roberts.

Overall – maintain a good first impression, be yourself, sell your best attribute, and remember when one door closes learn to be good at failing.

Failures are the beginning of success. Thank you once again NAPW, we anxiously await to meet again next year -and remember success can be achieved by aspiring to connect and when we do that we are able to achieve more together.

By: Laura Artis

T: @Lauraslifeonink