The Holidays are officially behind us, our resolutions have yet to be broken and we’re out of the gate in the strongest way ever. Welcome to January. Hopes and dreams are high. Let’s look forward. For us, that means discovering new and interesting venues and events to tell you about. This year will start off with a secret venue and laughs. No, the venue isn’t a joke but what you might find in there will make you laugh. 

The secret venue is in the name itself – The Secret Loft.  This space is a venue that welcomes performing arts; it’s located in Greenwich Village and specializes in circus, stand-up comedy, literary events, and live music.  One of the neatest parts about The Secret Loft is that it’s run by a group of artists and their community without outside investors or corporate backing.  That means no outside influence, interference or agendas to push. Just some good clean fun for your enjoyment! With the help of the community and artists, The Secret Loft manages to have cheaper ticket prices, better lineups, and better artist payouts than any comparable venue in New York – if you know about it. If you want to see professional live arts in a welcoming space that isn’t trying to nickel and dime you or exploit the performers, they are thrilled and will welcome you with open arms!

Before you run and tell all of your friends about this very intimate, cool, secret space, let us tell you about the event! Friday night is all about comedy. Specifically, the first Friday of the year when it all goes down.  The Comedy show will be hosted in The Secret Loft. Help yourself to free pizza at Secret Loft’s comedy show hosted by Gabriel Pacheo (Funhouse Comedy Show NYC) with guests Myq Kaplan (Conan), Stavros Halkias (Cumtown), Petey DeAbreu (Comedy Central), Myka Fox (Comedy Central), Xazmin Garza (SiriusXM) and Mookie Thompson (Hulu).

Check out rising stars and TV-famous comics working their newest material at the venue Timeout NY called the #1 Coolest Secret Spot in NYC!  For more information, visit