Happy New Year! Welcome to the 9th year of this decade and the start of all things new. By now, your resolutions are mostly intact, you’re ready to take on the world and have a ton of energy. This is all very exciting and we want to be involved!

No, we are not asking to come to the gym with you or set up your Match profile. However, we would like to be a part of the party. While the Holidays are behind us and you being all partied out, that will all change very soon. We promised.

January is a great time to plan. The year is long, and the events will be plentiful. Maybe it’s a little early to plan this year’s holiday party but it’s certainly not too soon to be thinking of Summer Outings, scheduled meetings and family affairs.

We live in a world dictated by the calendar. Let’s take advantage. You know the events on the horizon so why not get a head start on finding spaces for them? That’s where we come in! The best part is that it won’t cost you a thing!

To start, give us a call or shoot us an email letting us know what’s coming in 2019 and we can start brainstorming on some neighborhoods, venues and themes. Even if you’re not ready to pull the trigger, let’s get the dialogue started.

As you know, venues book up quick so it’s best to get something in the books for the date you want. It’s also a great time to negotiate prices to maximize your budget. January isn’t only slow for you, it’s a quiet time for restaurants and venue spaces so they’re also happy to get some deals done in the early part of the year. And, New York Events is here to help negotiate.

No pressure but we think it’s a great time to get the gears turning and even passing the buck. We’re happy to take on your work. Contact us today!