We spent the Holiday’s gorging and promised ourselves and anyone that would listen then it would be over after New Year’s. You really enjoyed yourself and kicked guilt to curb while you feasted. Now we’re in week 3 of the new year and you’re getting antsy. Not much fun being ‘good’? We agree. However, it’s good for your pocket and all the finance resolutions you made for 2019.

Call us the devil on your shoulder. We’re writing this to tell you about a way to save some dollars and eat your face off at some delicious restaurants. It’s that time of the year, Restaurant Week! Well, technically, it doesn’t start until Monday, January 21st but we thought you should get a head start on planning where you would like to eat.

It’s an event that never gets old for us. Restaurant Week is like a food festival that we get to customize. It’s two weeks of affordable, delicious meals. There are places that we can’t afford but are dying to try and places that we can’t wait to return to.

‘NYC Restaurant Week is a celebration of NYC’s most fabulous pastime: dining out. With hundreds of restaurants throughout the City rolling out special prix-fixe menus for a limited time, consider this an invitation to revel without a cause.’ – that is from the official website. Sound like we’re in sync? Oh, heck yes!

There are over 350 participating restaurants that can be found here.

Enjoy special two-course & three-course, prix-fixe meals at participating restaurants. Note that Saturdays are excluded, and Sundays are optional. Weekends are the time for you to be ‘good’. Oh, we should also mention that beverages are not included so another opportunity to keep your resolutions in check.

Gear up for an awesome two weeks and take advantage as much as you can. Friends, family and business all fits in during this period. Yum!