We recently traveled to the Upper East Side and indulged in a delicious JG Melon burger with a side of chili and fries. Don’t judge us.

While we were enjoying our gluttonous experience, it got us thinking about the staples. The places we travel to eat. You know, the New York City institutions people talk about for generations. Even when they close.

Now that we’re left without Carnegie Deli, the Four Seasons, Cup & Saucer and The Cornelia Street Café we appreciate the iconic food joints even more.

From high end to holes in the wall, we support the venues and people who make New York what it is.

We’ll break it down in three parts; the pizza the low end and the steakhouses. Why do steaks get a separate category? Walk into any of these five places and you’ll understand (even if you don’t eat the meat).

1. Delmonico’s Bar & Grill – Walk in. Feel like Frank Sinatra.
2. Frankie & Johnnie’s Steakhouse – Started as a speakeasy.
3. The Palm Too – Continues the tradition of the O-G.
4. Keens Steakhouse – Mutton chops!
5. Peter Luger Steak House – Do the one in Brooklyn,

And, now for the pizza. These are all musts.

1. John’s of Bleecker Street – Worth the wait.
2. Joe’s Pizza – Best slice in the city?
3. Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza – First pizzeria in New York City.
4. L&B Spumoni Gardens – Deep Brooklyn. Well worth the trip.
5. Patsy’s – Single slices of coal-fired pies.

Finally, our favorite. The joints.

1. Mario’s – Arthur Avenue is a must stop on your tour.
2. Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden – Beer Gardening since 1910.
3. Old Town Bar – Since 1892.
4. Katz’s Delicatessen – Harry Met Sally.
5. Wo Hop – Late night preferred.

The food tour begins now. Hopefully it doesn’t happen but get there before the rent gets too damn high!