Arguably the best time of the year is upon us. The weather is turning to fall, and shorts and flip flops are no longer an option as you frolic the streets.  Yes, the pandemic is still on and coronavirus is still a thing. However, we have not lost sight of some of our favorite events of the year before the Holiday season kicks in. While we can’t believe we’re talking Holidays already, Thanksgiving is just four weeks away!  While yes, that’s just around the corner, we can’t get there without celebrating Halloween first! Before COVID-19 struck, we were counting down the days to a big party as this year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, a blue moon and daylight savings time! Could there be a better scenario for what the New York Times once said: “the Halloween Parade is the best entertainment that the people of this city give to people of this city”.

We love the Halloween Parade and will miss it dearly this year. This year’s theme was to be: BIG LOVE! BIG EMBRACE! To include all New Yorkers in a joyful celebration of our unique collective imagination. The Halloween Parade is all about the connection between the participants—all those who walk in the Parade in costume—and our audience (the rest of New York!). That person to person connection is at the heart of this event. We do not want to lose all of this joyful time, this irrepressible spirit of NYC and the marvelous creative folks who make up the Parade and the joyful souls who watch and play.

Jeanne Fleming, Artistic and Producing Director of the event mentioned that the group was considering doing “something” online this year as placeholder but felt that idea went against all that the parade stands for: this LIVE interaction between folks. However, they realized that the Parade could not/should not happen online. So, what will happen?

Halloween is all about Trick or Treat! So, they are going to do a trick that will be a treat! Like the Parade itself—which is a spontaneous gathering of people, their Halloween treat will be spontaneous and unannounced and unique to their night Parade.  The tricky treat will happen on Halloween night and it will be COVID safe!  As is the tradition, Master Puppeteer Basil Twist’s Giant Spider will come out of the Tower of the Jefferson Market Library in the psychic heart of Greenwich Village on Halloween night. High above the street, she will practice social distancing of an arachnid sort! You may catch a glimpse of her, So, LOOK UP!