New York City always gives people reasons to celebrate or party especially on weekends or after work. The good news is people can relax and enjoy themselves now with a new dance form in the city, “Samba”.

Times Square Arts Center is arranging samba classes for dance lovers and especially for people who are looking for complete entertainment on their weekends. Most of the Saturdays and Sundays for the New Yorkers are dedicated to parties and roaming around on the streets for complete entertainment. However, the search ends at Times Square Arts Center where the samba classes will be held on the scheduled dates: August 25th till September 29th from7pm to 9 pm.

The interested people can register themselves in the samba classes and learn a dance form after their work or on weekends. There are many dance forms that people can learn but nothing can truly beat samba. The best part of learning samba is one can actually learn the dance form while keeping himself or herself fit because samba is a dance form that burns most of the calories. Yes it is sexy, energetic and moreover the best exerciser. Every Saturday night on the website the NYC samba class shares some dance moves by the great instructors along with some drinks offered for everyone who is learning.

The best part of learning the dance form comes when people meet new faces and friends and have fun forgetting their hectic lives. The instructors here are sure of the fact that people are definitely looking around for option like these to learn along with entertainment. What could be better, if a dance form, that is basically a dance form of Brazil, is taught by the famous dancers and instructors of Brazil.

For more information people can call the helpline 212.724.3900 or visit the website


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