Our title might suggest something other than sitting in your home unable to be out and about the city that we know and love. Or maybe it channels your inner Billy Joel as you belt around tunes going stir crazy. Either way, hearing the words New York State of Mind does something for us. We’re going to take that a step further and try to stay in that frame of mind as we go through this pandemic.  Dealing with our new reality is tough and something that we’re not used to.

New Yorkers are tough, and we’ve been through our share of battles. This is no different and we will come out on the other side. The uncertainty of how or when can be challenging. That’s why mindfulness and meditation company Headspace, in partnership with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office, is offering free sessions to New Yorkers. New Yorkers helping New Yorkers. Thank you.

The company has created a “NY State of Mind” webpage with sessions that you can play any time to help you sleep, reduce stress, increase your focus or just take a break. Most of the sessions are about 10 minutes long, while the sleep aid sessions run almost 45 minutes. There are even a few resources for children.

This is a great program and there are several others that are offering assistance during this period that none of us have experienced.  We are viewing this period as a time to take a stock of ourselves before we re-emerge. Our mental health may be at the top of that list. Staying sharp and sane during these times will only make us better when we re-emerge. There are plenty of tools out there to help you get or stay in the right state of mind. Use them and stay strong.