People say that the “i” in iPhone, iPad, etc. stands for something personal. Clearly that’s what iNoodles thought of when they selected the name for their restaurant. The experience is as personal as it gets. From being greeted upon entry to securing the table you want (and are used to), iNoodle’s staff clearly takes it personal. While the experience is important, the food is why we’re there and this place does not disappoint!

For those who think of Ramen as peasant food for college students, think again. This is no Cup Noodle or Maruchan. The ramen here is delicious. We usually go with the Chicken Ramen and ask for some spice – iNoodles delivers the perfect amount of heat. Yum! We also hear that the Gyu Ramen (beef soup broth) is outstanding.

At first glance, this Japanese restaurant appears to be a sushi bar. Don’t be fooled. Japanese style, yes. Sushi bar is a total understatement. Located in the very busy garment district, iNoodles Ramen Restaurant’s kitchen offers authentic Japanese dishes with some modern flavor.

Carnivores will relish the savory beef and pork or chicken dishes, but seafood lovers will also be satisfied by the seafood ramen and excellent (and delicious) sushi selection.

The to go menu features spicy Tonkotsu, Gyu and Chicken as well as convenient and affordable lunch specials making for an out of the ordinary eating experience, delivered right to your Midtown palate. Don’t forget about the restaurant’s appetizer selection- especially the Crispy Chicken, the Steam Buns, and the House Mini Burgers.

iNoodles is 2,000 square foot, 50 person capacity restaurant that includes a 15 seat U-Bar Table for party gathering or individual seating.

Come satisfy you sophisticated taste buds. Sit down, pick up. Either way, enjoy!