When was the last time you saw a magician? Was it your 5th birthday party? The clown you hired for your children’s birthday bash? Maybe you have someone walking around doing card tricks at this year’s holiday party. What we’re fairly certain is that you haven’t experienced the magic that is taking place in Chelsea on any given night. This has nothing to do with Google or the latest dessert option at Chelsea Market. We’re talking about real, live magic!

There are Legendary legerdemain by New York’s most elite magicians happening at the McKittrick Hotel. What is a legerdemain you ask? It’s the skillful use of one’s hands when performing conjuring tricks. Also known as magic tricks. By magicians. The ‘Magic Show’ is called Speakeasy Magick. We are hesitant to call it a Magic Show as it’s not your magician for hire and it’s not David Copperfield in Vegas.

Speakeasy Magick is an experience hosted by Todd Robbins where you essentially go through a magic sit-down speed date.  Way better than any other dating events you’ve been to. The event begins in the Club Car room, a speakeasy that you should probably know about any way.  There is a piano player deftly banging out ragtime tunes and waitresses/waiters taking orders for drinks. Once your order has been taken and your drinks delivered, Mr. Robbins prepares you for the night.

The show’s dark and noisy environment adds to it all. Your host specializes in mild carnival-sideshow shocks, so this is right up his alley. Speakeasy Magick is a moveable feast where audience members, seated at seven tables, are visited by a series of performers in turn. You can also think of this as tricking: an illusion of intimacy, a satisfying climax, and off they go into the night.

Intrigued yet? You should be. This is more than a show and something you should experience. For more information and tickets, visit https://mckittrickhotel.com/events/magick/