Running an event-driven website in New York means staying on top of what’s going on. While it can be overwhelming at times keeping up with the happenings, it sure does make for a fun and tasty to-do list. One of my favorite things to do is find what I call ‘joints’ (or food trucks). You know, those hole in the wall places that serve cheap, delicious food and you wonder how they’re in business when all we read about are the high rents driving tenants out of NYC. Well, Tasting Table sent an email today that is right up my alley! It’s called ‘On the Money NYC’s best meals under $10’. Usually these types of lists do not bring anything new to my attention so I quickly opened the email to cross off the places I’ve been.

To my surprise, the only place I have been to on the list is Num Pang which I would hardly call a joint these days given the popularity of their delicious sandwiches. The other 9 places had me searching the internet for hours going through websites, Yelp, reviews and more! I came up with my ranking of places I am going to try beginning this weekend. Presented below is my plan for the remainder of July!

1. Spicy Village in Chinatown – Spicy chicken. Nuff said.
2. Cocoron in Nolita and Lower East Side – I am on a personal mission to try every noodle shop in this city.
3. Bobwhite Lunch and Supper Counter in the East Village – The only place I would move to outside of NYC is the south and that is only because of the food.
4. B&H Dairy in the East Village – Something about sitting at counter is nostalgic. Think Batteries Not Included…
5. Bed-Stuy Fish Fry in Bed-Stuy, Clinton Hill, and Downtown Brooklyn – We talkin’ Soul Food! I love me collard greens and cant wait to get them here!
6. Saravana Bhavan in Kips Bay – With a palette that yearns for heat, the spicy mash piques my interest.
7. Pio Pio Riko in Sunnyside – If you haven’t had Peruvian rotisserie chicken, stop reading and get some immediately!
8. Huertas in the East Village – I like smokey flavor. I like mussels.
9. Carnitas el Atoradero in Mott Haven – The only reason this got 9 is because of my location relative to the Bronx. It will just take me longer to get there.

Thank you, Tasting Table, for putting this list together and giving me just what I need to stay in mid-summer shape!

I can’t wait to be the cool kid at the table suggesting these joints!