Nutcracker Rouge

Nutcracker Rouge

Let’s paint the scene to circa Nineteenth century-ish – on second note the timing is not that important. That said, let’s get on with the show.

We arrive at the iconic Minetta Theater nestled just blocks away from West 4th Street in New York City. Once we grab our tickets, and descend down the stair case – we invest fifteen minutes lounging and talking to other attendees. A member of the cast walks around signaling for us to take our seats.

Lights dim – no darken- and the anticipation magnifies.

The curtain draws up and while Charles Trenet’s song BOUM echoes in the background, it becomes quickly apparent we are in a for a treat.

A young woman with fierce red hair, Marie Claire, finds herself immersed in a fairy-tale unlike any other as she travels through a journey that leads her to a wild self-discovery.

The fun starts in the woods and continues from there into crazier – yet exhilarating adventures. In-between, Marie Claire becomes closer to her real identity and free from her own inhibitions.

Wonderful acrobatics, singing contortionists, well choreographed dance routines -oh and we forgot the epic serving of burlesque-galore is the name of this game. Yes, that’s right folks, this is not a show for the naive or closed minded.

As if the production did not offer much excitement, the spice of great attire matched with fun eroticism and innuendos delivers a much needed flair to each scene.

But wait it gets better – no really it does.

Characters performing jaw dropping maneuvers while suspended in huge hula hoops in the air, on the ground, others performing on poles, others doing back flips while standing on cast members and other amazing death defying tricks.

Who knew Broadway could be this fun?!

We break for a quick intermission and cannot wait to return to our seats for the remainder of the show. The second part ties everything together highlighting the transformation of Marie Claire from an innocent being into this wonderful performer.

At the end we wonder was this all a dream or reality. In a nutshell, Nutcracker Rouge is absolutely enticing, seductive with its mature yet off beat sexual humor, alluring, interactive, and of course tons of fun – get your tickets while you can because the production only runs until January 5, 2014.
Sit back and enjoy this sinful delight!

By: Laura Artis