Friday, July 15th at The Peridance Capezio Center at 8PM (126 East 13th Street, New York City)

Each year an elite group of female artists are selected to exhibit work, teach, and perform that best fits the mission of Ladies of Hip-Hop. The artists have extensive experience and understanding of the Hip-Hop culture and are qualified to pass on the traditions of Hip-Hop culture with accuracy and authenticity.

Starting in 2004, this annual Hip-Hop festival puts the focuses on women and their relationship with Hip-Hop culture.   Traditionally, men have dominated all facets of the hip-hop scene, but Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival changes this tradition and puts women center-stage for the entire event.

Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival exists to develop and provide women with positive roles that are present and represented within the Hip-Hop culture. We are dedicated to preserving and redefining women’s roles in the Hip-Hop culture.

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