at The Mercury Lounge (217 E Houston Street, New York City)

Perhaps inspired by the east-meets-west solo guitar musings of John Fahey or Robbie Basho, former Plague Lounge guitarist Ben Chasny formed Six Organs of Admittance in 1998 in northern California. Six Organs’ self-titled, self-released debut was released that year, followed by various compilation tracks and obscurities. In 2000, Six Organs released the Manifestation EP on Ba Da Bing! records, a one-sided clear vinyl-only release consisting of one extended piece (it was reissued by Strange Attractors on CD in 2004 with extra music) , and featuring female vocals and varied percussion accompanying the centerpiece of Chasny’s guitar. Also in 2000, Dust and Chimes was released, first as a limited edition by Pavilion, and then in an expanded run by Holy Mountain. The second full-length from Six Organs, it featured raga-like guitar work surrounded by bells, chimes (as the name implies), drones, and Chasny’s multi-tracked, chant-style vocals. In 2003 Casny began an association with Comets ON Fire which led to him becoming a full time touring and recording member of the band. He also released COmpathia with Holy Mountain and two titles for Time-Lag a CD reissue of 1999’s limited edition Nightly Trembling and the landmark For Octavio Paz. After recording and touting extensively with Comets On Fire in 2004, Chasny returned to to the studio and issued the moving and beautiful “School of the Flower” on Drag City in January of 2005. – AllMusic Guide

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