Welcome back to Carnegie Hall, a venue well respected for its acoustics and iconic placement in New York City history. This time around it is a treat and an honor to experience the masterpiece creations of Philip Glass’ Symphony No. 7 titled Toltec, and Osvaldo Golijov’s Oceana.

 The stroke of every violin, the beat of drums and additional instruments magnify Philips’ vision as he pays homage to the cultural traditions and beliefs of Meso-American people called the “Toltecs.” The clever combination of each harmonious orchestral piece is a musical delight effortlessly introduced to the guests of Carnegie.

 During the second part the Manhattan Girls Chorus enters the stage and further awakens the senses with a Latin flavored musical collaboration with the Venezuelan native – Biella Da Costa as she performs Oceana. Her voice is subtle, inviting, strong, beautiful and inspiring.

 The Girls Chorus, Bella and assistance from the orchestra are wonderful in captivating and maintaining our attention at all times. In conclusion this is a great event and as always it is an honor to be part of it at the very famous Carnegie Hall.

 By : Laura M. Artis.