In some ways it feels like we never had a summer because it went by so fast, and we just skipped over the season and here we are in fall. While Labor Day did happen, it does feel like a distant memory. Football is in full effect; the city is buzzing, and the streets are filled on the weekends again. While we relish in all of this and excited for all the fall activities coming our way, we do want to recognize that we are still in summer until September 23rd.

What that means is that this coming weekend is officially the last full summer weekend of the season. The weather is still summer weather and there is no reason why we should not continue to enjoy the summer activities that our city has to offer. In fact, many of us spend so much time from Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day Weekend trying to get out of the city, this is a great excuse to spend a summer weekend in the city!

Let’s make it count. If you’re lucky enough to have a patch of outdoor space a grill, fire it up! Some beaches are still open; make a trip and dip your toes in the sand for the last time of 2023 or even put your bathing suit on and head to Central Park to tan. There is plenty to do in our five boroughs and while we love weekends filled with football more than the next person, we don’t want to miss our final summer weekend.

The weather is warm, the sun is still setting late (clocks changing soon), and we’re here to make sure that New Yorkers make this last weekend count! So, take advantage of the season’s weather, and make your way through the summer in NYC bucket list before summer really ends.