Given the nature of our business, we attend a lot of events. They range from plays in Brooklyn basements to red carpet affairs in places you never knew existed.  While each event is special and we appreciate each experience we have, there is nothing like Pig Island. And for the 7th time, the group that curates this after Labor Day special nailed it again.  Thank you.

Although Summer is unofficially over, the sun didn’t get the memo and scorched us all the way from waiting on the Ikea ferry line downtown until we sweat out our last bite of pork.  We tanned, we ate, we drank, we ate and we ate.  The heat did not stop us from doing anything at Pig Island.

From the time the ferry (adds to the island vibe) dropped us off at Erie Basin Park to being greeted by Charcuterie Master Rodrigo Duarte’s 200 pound pig, the day was magnificent.  We grabbed our Bengali Tiger brew and made the rounds after Mr. Duarte opened up our palate.

After grabbing our second brew along our tour we checked out Matt Fisher and Bill Fletcher at Fletcher’s Brooklyn BBQ where they had a mountain of meat ready for us to grab. The first time was epic. The second, fourth and ninth visits were just as good.

We tried them all but have to talk about the grass fed deliciousness from Hudson & Charles where Jay Fox featured a butchering demo and Bill Kooper’s monster stand for Route 66 Smokehouse and their Heirloom Tomato “PLT” Lettuce Wrap.  Delaney BBQ is a New York Events go-to and they must have overhead conversations in our office because Daniel Delaney and crew served up a Boudin Sausage that still has us yearning for more.  Our crew stopped by the NYC Hot Sauce Co.  where Jon Bratton brought his fire-roasted Colorado Pueblo Peppers.  Mr. Bratton also gave us a tip which we’ll share; take the pepper (or a couple) and add them to your dishes as you do the tour – thank us next year.

It was a glorious day of gluttony and we’re ready to do it again. Unfortunately, we have to wait a year until the 8th installment. The good news is that our food coma will be over and we’ll chow down all over again.

For us, Pig Island kicks off Fall event season (sorry Fashion Week). Cheers to Pigs and Beer!