The summer may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of barbecue season. While the weather is changing and there will always be those that keep the grills fired up through the cold and in the snow (yes, your tailgaters), it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. But, it does have to be delicious! New York is filled with every cuisine and any specialty you want. We pride ourselves on having anything available to us at any given time. However, if you talk to a Southerner, they may tell you that great BBQ is far away from New York City. That may be true but that’s before Randall entered the scene.

Who is Randall and why haven’t you heard of him? Great questions to ask. Randall is Jared Male’s grandfather. While you may not recognize Jared Male’s name, you will certainly identify with his experience. Male is talented veteran of Hill Country Barbecue, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and Big Easy in London; we would go as far as to say that he is a BBQ Expert. Randall is Jared’s grandfather, for whom the restaurant is named after. Randall was a food-lover that shared many memorable meals with Jared. He is the inspiration behind the hearty dishes meant for sharing.

We were fortunate enough to attend the preview of Randall’s Barbecue and we cannot wait to you about it. Lucky for you, Randall’s is open to the public starting Sunday, August 26th. The Lower East Side eatery is outfitted with wood, brass and concrete. Since the restaurant was conceived based on sharing, it boasts several communal tables, retro signage and vintage design touches. It’s like turning back the clock in some ways – something we miss. There is also a photo of Jared’s grandparents which makes you feel right at home.

During our visit, we dug into Brisket, Pork Spare Ribs, 5 Spice Duck, Country Fried Eggplant, Mac & Cheese in addition to delicious sandwiches, fried clam cakes, sides, salads, and other creative preparations. Male also gleans inspiration from the LES neighborhood’s historically Jewish population with items like the Smoked Chopped Chicken Liver and House-Cured Pastrami. Pickles are all sourced from next door neighbor, The Pickle Guys, and bialys for sandwiches come from Kossar’s just a few doors down. The cocktail program at Randall’s emphasizes bourbon and tequila – think boozy Arnold Palmers and a few Old-Fashioned variations. Craft beer is another focus, with options that range from Black Hog Ginga Ninja to Sixpoint.

Summer may be over but, in some ways, BBQ has just begun in New York City. Randall’s Barbecue is located at 359 Grand Street. Their website can be found at