Our city is home to tons. Whether it be the hottest restaurant, best nightclub and a parade for just about everyone and anyone, New York has it. People come from all over the world to visit us and what the city has to offer. As we approach the holidays, things seem to kick up a notch leading up to the biggest party in the world in Times Square. One of the first events to set that stage takes place on Halloween and we cannot wait! We’re of course talking about the Annual Village Halloween Parade! It’s the nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!

New York’s Village Halloween Parade is committed to the cultural and imaginative life of New York City and to the advancement of large-scale participatory events in the belief that such events, when artistically inspired, can play a major role in the resurrection and rejuvenation of the City’s spirit, economy and the life of its people.

The Halloween Parade plays an important part in the life of the City. It is the only Parade in the country that has at its heart an artistic base. Its generous spirit has nurtured hundreds of thousands of people who reach into their imaginations and take themselves physically out into public to perform and to celebrate. The organizers of the event believe public events of this sort give people the opportunity to claim the open spaces of their City for purposes other than work; to inhabit them with a sense of freedom and spontaneity; to play, thus renew their relationship to the environment.

The Parade is a powerful event, for while it is happening, it animates all the senses—sight, sound, smell, taste, color and movement. The emotional response that it generates has a lasting effect on how the participants and those who either watch or hear about the event feel about the places and the people of New York.

Fleeting as it may seem, the Annual Village Halloween Parade provides a subconsciously experienced time structure that lends a sense of durability, continuity and community to New York City life.

We cannot wait for this year’s installment!

For more information, visit halloween-nyc.com.