Living in New York City, we experience a whole lot of culture; whether you like it or not, it’s here and its wonderful! If you’re not into it, then you should consider relocating. Seriously.

This city is unique in the fact that you can find a slice of almost anywhere in the world, on the street — from street vendors, to food carts to our awesome and gourmet food trucks, you can travel the world one New York City street at a time!

While we love food and constantly write about it on New York Events, we are talking about a different kind of culture found on the street – parades!

We just had the St. Patrick’s Day parade (and still recovering). This weekend we have the Greek Independence Day Parade! It’s happening on Sunday and runs on 5th Avenue between 64th and 79th Street beginning at 1:45PM.

What can you expect on parade day? Aside from Andrew Cuomo who was unanimously selected as the 2015 Greek Independence Day Parade Grand Marshal, in recognition of his steadfast support for Cyprus and the Greek National causes, you’ll find lots of blue and white, Greek food and floats with parties on them! Yes, dancing, DJ’s, bands and whatever else you can fit on the moving party!

We’ll be there with bells on and recommend you do the same! For more information, visit