New York City is a total melting pot. It’s the reason everyone flocks here and the reason why we all love and cherish the ‘New York Culture’ that is on our little island. We are always amused how people say the same thing in different ways. It obviously has to do with where that person comes from and the experiences they’ve had.

Today’s topic is ‘Out East’. Us native New Yorkers clearly recognize that as the East End of Long Island. Most of the times it’s the Hamptons or Montauk but can also mean areas on the North Fork. If you talk to someone from New Jersey or Philadelphia, they’ll tell you they’re going ‘Down The Shore’ and if you talk to someone from Europe, they may say they’re going to ‘The Sea’ and the Californians may say ‘The Coast’.

It’s all relatively similar but different. The commonality is that we’re all talking about beaches, relaxing and fun. This event is no different. We’re going to tell you that the event is taking place ‘Out East’ and in this case, it’s Montauk. The event is a festival and it’s happening on Saturday, August 25th from 3pm-7pm on the Great Lawn of The Montauk Yacht Club – A Gurney’s Property.

The festival is called Cheers Montauk and celebrates all the majesticness that Montauk has to offer. This annual beer, wine and craft spirits festival will feature many of the best wine and beer Long Island has to offer plus tons of local food and merchants who will be serving up your favorite local treats. Guests will enjoy unlimited samples for the entire session as well as live music, food and interactive games.

It’s an epic event that you don’t want to miss. With summer near the end, grab what you can and make a weekend out of it. There are plenty of places to stay and tons of activities to bookend the festival.

For more information and tickets, visit  Don’t forget to use code NEWYORKEVENTS for $20 off!

We can’t wait to say Cheers!