We’ve spent a lot of time this spring and summer talking about outdoor activities including outdoor dining, drinking, movies, and sporting events. What we haven’t touched on yet is art. We usually just assume that art lies someplace in a large museum run by a bureaucratic organization with lots of political headlines. Definitely not the case and absolutely something we should be enjoying around town this time of year.

This is another free event. Yes, an event. Plan out your day and hit the various parks and outdoor venues showcasing wonderful pieces to enjoy. For example, head over to Rockefeller Center to see Jeff Koons’s “Split-Rocker”. This monster, flower-powered sculpture is very much popular art and a site to be seen. Other works to check out before the sun sets on this wonderful weather we’re having include Two Parks, One Statue, Lots of Pieces Lying Around which includes Danh Vo’s “We the People” — a fragmentary replica of the Statue of Liberty, made in China. There’s always the High Line which has Elevated Perspectives. Governors Island is displaying Ordinary Objects, Reimagined. This is definitely on our short list (in addition to Jazz Age Lawn Party next week).

There’s also Madison Square Park beyond Shake Shack (although that burger is arguably art) where they’re showing Fine Lines Drawn Among the Flora.

Finally, get out of the city to Storm King Mountain which is along the west bank of the Hudson River south of Cornwall. At Storm King, you’ll see Where Minimalist Meets Showy.

These options won’t hurt your pocket while keeping you interested and awed. Hey, you may catch a tan too!