When it comes to art and creativity, New York is no stranger. With some of the best art galleries, museums and exhibits in the world, we are certainly covered in this regard. In fact, this city is covered in creativity the minute you step on to its streets (or below in the Subway). This may be the only element missing from Park Exhibition Space or better known as p.e.s.

We often associate certain neighborhoods with art and galleries and the creative types. Think SoHo or Chelsea and NOT Midtown. Well, Corinne Bernard and Chelsea McCarthy totally flipped that perception on its head. They decided to launch their show slash gallery slash pop-up right in the heart of New York’s district with the least creativity and no street presence to boot. For us, this is what makes their project extra special.

Like all special things in this town, you have to know about it. As the curators (artists first) explained, the foot traffic is important but not what it’s all about. They are documenting the entire show on their website (www.pes.limited) and have plans to release a publication when it’s all said and done. We feel very fortunate that we had the opportunity to see an exhibit first hand but can’t wait til the archive makes it out.

For the duration of the show (approximately 20 days) there was a new sub-title for the exhibition and a new arrangement of objects/works. Our favorite part of the show is that every day is an opening and closing. Talk about keeping things exciting.  For a complete list of the participating artists, see below.

The space is bare and usually home to a shoe company’s display room but what p.e.s. did take you where they want you to go. Again, this place is different every day so the fact that they can bring you there on a consistent basis makes it all the more impressive.

While we wish we experienced all the days consecutively, we feel very fortunate to have seen the space at least once and can’t wait to see the archives when they’re published (by the way, they are actively documenting everything on their website).

These two females doing, being, participating in and around Los Angeles and beyond (who also like wearing wigs) are a special group and we’re sure that their next project will be as great and as exciting as this one.

Make sure to check out pes.limited and follow them for their next stop!


*Participating Artists:
Alex Becerra
Corinne Bernard
Melanie Bonajo
Eunsun Choi
Christopher Chung
Sheri Chillingworth
Derek Corns
Meg Cranston
Rachel de Joode
Stephanie Deumer
Grace Eunchong
Lena Fayre
Marquita Flowers
Doreen Garner
Clay Gibson
Katya Grokhovsky
Heather Guertin
John Hoon
Zachary Johnston
Rupi Kaur
Bijou Karmen
Andy Kolar
Delaney Lee
Jennifer Lefort
Laura Lindleif
Brendan Lynch
Chelsea McCarthy
Darby Milbrath
Max Miles
Hannah Mjolsnes
Brandon James Patrick
Todd BB Richmond
Miller Robinson
Laura Schawelka
Nicholas Shindell
Jenna St. George
Jose Zuniga