The Gilroy is one of the great little gems popping up all over the Upper East Side. It was not too long ago that whenever someone suggested I go hang out there, I would go through a Rolodex (how quaint!) of excuses as to why I could not brave the 4,5,6 subway lines to spend some time there. One week my dog micturated on my iPad and the next time I needed to clean my guitar strings.

No more, though. No more. The Gilroy is helping to change that on a recent cocktail barcrawl. I am a humble drinker so all I ask is that my drink be good enough to make me want at least one more. I only had two different drinks there but had my friends not pulled me away, I likely would be writing this from the bar at The Gilroy.

I don’t like Phil Collins. Nothing personal against him but I have never been a fan of his music. However, if you ask that I go hang out with The Gilroy’s Phil Collins, I will race you to the bar. It is a genmaicha green tea infused Fords gin, raspberry, lemon, mint, and seltzer. As I finished this, I looked up at the bartender and he looked at me. His look said it all: “Pity, Mr. Bond! You are now in our clutches! Now let me proceed to explain more of our plan for world domination!”

It took every ounce of strength on my behalf to resist so I looked at the menu to see what might be able to lure my craving away. I looked up and saw a small barrel marked “Illegal Mezcal.” Clearly, it was a sign from above that I should order this. I was told that they use it in a drink called the Oaxaca, one of the many Negroni variations that the Gilroy is using as cornerstones. This is a drink to be savored. If you are out with someone and they want to rush to another site, you tell them to chill out and enjoy the day. Carpe diem, buddy. Why rush out to some lame party when there is one going on right there on your taste buds?

The Gilroy has brunch and is a great spot if you want to impress that special someone. You cannot go wrong with the waffles but do not shy away from trying the fresh oysters and the mini-pancetta sandwiches.

The Gilroy is like a great little spot that you would find downtown sans the pretension. Go hang out with Phil Collins. Just keep him away from the microphone.