While it may be summer and the last thing on your mind is planning any thing other than your next beach weekend, September is coming quick and conference season is around the corner. From developing a guest list to marketing the event and even lining up speakers, this is a stressful task!  And we didn’t even mention selecting a venue!  As we read this on your beach chair, we wanted to highlight some key elements of a conference to think about as you search for venues. And, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or need some recommendations. There is a never a fee to use our services and we work with all of the venues that you know and can even introduce you to some that you don’t.

With that being said, lets get to the agenda at hand. We narrowed down the focus to five key elements that we deemed important to any conference, regardless of size. So, whether you’re planning an intimate fire side chat or Comic Con, these are the things you might want to think about when researching where to host your event.

  1. Panel Discussions: We’re assuming that your conference will host some sort of panel discussion. This is one of the first things people seem to ask about when calling us for a conference venue. The panels all look different but you want to make sure that the venue you select can accommodate what you promised your guests.  Also, if you’re hosting multiple panels, you will want to see how the flow works so people can easily get from one discussion to the next, if necessary.
  2. Networking: Lets face it; when people register to attend conferences, the content grabs their attention but the networking is likely where ‘the business gets done’. Further, when people are attached to your event (i.e. they met at ____ conference), they are likely to spread the word and cone back. The message here is make sure the venue you select has a good space for networking!
  3. Breakouts: Often times at conferences, attendees will set up meetings in advance or even host impromptu one on one meetings while at the conference. You’ll want to make sure that the venue you select has space that is private an appropriate for these types of meetings.
  4. Work Stations: We live in a 24/7 world and having the day ‘off’ to attend a conference is no exception. Wifi is a deal-breaker but available work stations will be much appreciated by your guests who are present but ‘forgot’ to bring their laptop
  5. Coffee!  These things can be long. Make sure that there is plenty of coffee and refreshments. This will keep your guests alive and provide additional networking opportunities!

Planning a conference is a tall task but keep in mind that most of your attendees will have their ticket ear marked in their budgets. Make it work their time!  And, don’t hesitate to contact us for help!