Rudy's Bar and Gill

Rudy’s Bar and Gill

Mondays always seem to drag.  No one likes them because they mark the return to a week’s worth of toil and trouble and the weekend always feels like it’s so far away.  If you find yourself on 9th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen, consider yourself lucky if you see the pig in the red jacket and black bow tie.  It’s okay; take a moment to read that again.

Yes, there’s a pig in a red jacket greeting you, inviting you into a time warp known as Rudy’s Bar and Grill.  Now, you won’t go back to another time or place, but you will find that moments slip away and that’s definitely something you want on a dreary Monday.  Actually, this place is wonderful on any night.  The best way to determine what places fit the bill are by finding the places that always seem busy.  Rudy’s is perpetually a party, and why should it not be?   There always seems to be classic rock on the speakers, a football game on the television, and people laughing and enjoying their booze.

You can get a pitcher of beer or enjoy a few shots of whisky with your friends.  If you get there early enough you can enjoy your liquid refreshment at one of the booths opposite the bar.  When it’s warm, there’s a patio out back where you can sit back and enjoy some fresh air as you joke with your pals or whisper in your girlfriend’s ear.

You will notice that people are walking around eating hot dogs.  You get an Oscar Meyer frankfurter with purchase of a drink!  What better way to fuel the fire in your belly than a hot dog as you enjoy a cold drink and watch the basketball game on one of the TV screens?

Oh, and if you are under 21 and feel the need to surrender your fake ID, Rudy’s staff will confiscate it and put it up on one of its walls of shame.  Your photo will serve as the inspiration for jokes spouted by inebriated comedians for years to come.

So if you find yourself on 9th Ave and you want to have a good time regardless of what day it is, step into Rudy’s.  Pose for a photograph with that friendly piggy that greets you and forget about your worries.  There’s plenty of time later on for worrying.

 – Alejandro Armenta