pinkFROG cafe was born when owner Lan was in art school. While seeking collaborative workspaces, she recognized an opportunity to support emerging artists. It was at that time, she committed to one day providing an open space for artists like herself and the community to come together and celebrate cultural diversity through food, art, and performances. At pinkFROG cafe, we treat each part of our customer experience as art. From our carefully curated global foods, like lacey dumplings and yuzu tea to hand-carved wooden sculptures lining the walls of our 2,500 square foot space, we strive to offer you the same comfort and sense of belonging you’d feel at home. We invite you to take a break from the hustle of Williamsburg to enjoy food and drink with friends and a variety of live entertainment in our casual cafe.

Venue Details


Live Events


9am – 12am

Good For

pinkFROG cafe is proud to host parties of 68 and below. Including a fully equipped stage, bar, and kitchen. As an artistic hub for the Williamsburg community we at PinkFROG are here for your photo exhibitions, film previews, yoga & meditation sessions, music & painting classes, recitals, stage rehearsals, art & crafts markets, exhibitions, open kitchens, birthday and wedding gatherings, and more!


Laid back unique environment, stunningly decorated with in house crafted woodworking and prints. 


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