As New Yorkers, we are exposed to any kind of food imaginable. We sometimes take it for granted but we can basically have whatever we want, whenever we want. Of course, that comes at a price but hey, that’s New York. It’s summer and while most of us do not have backyards to grill, we do have plenty of BBQ places to visit and eat lots of meat and drink lots of beer.

While Dinosaur BBQ, Hill Country and even Dallas BBQ satisfy our palettes for meat, there is nothing like being outside on a nice hot day, sipping on some suds and getting a tan. Unfortunately, that can be tough in our town. For this reason, we really try to absorb everything outdoors on our island! We are honored to be your trusted source and happy to help you have a comeback for when your suburban friends tell you how great ‘the island’ is in the summer and rattle off the outdoor activities that you cannot do in the city in the summer.

Not so fast! Have they heard of Big Apple Barbecue? Have you? If not, we’re about to blow your mind and you can turn around and blow your suburban friend’s minds!

The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is a celebration of the craftsmanship of ‘cue, represented by the most talented pitmasters in the country. Each one brings their signature approach to the tradition of ‘cue to New Yorkers the second weekend in June in Madison Square Park.

Entering its 13th year this June, the celebration features all the elements of real pit barbecue – from the heady smells of smoked meat and the rollicking sounds of the South, to an abundance of charm, handcrafted ingredients and spirits.

This year’s 13th Annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party takes place on Saturday and Sunday, June 13-14, 2015 from 11:00am to 6:00pm daily.

The best part about it is that it’s FREE!

Outdoors. BBQ. Beers.

Enough said. Enjoy and take that suburbanites!