Just when we thought we’ve seen it all in our city, we are surprised again. And, not in a good way. There are real issues out there in the world and as a result of many of them, our streets are being burned, stores being looted, and chaos is on the streets. Did you ever think there would be a curfew in the city that doesn’t sleep? Yes, neither did we. As we reach deep to stay positive in these trying times, we must march forward. That’s what us New Yorkers do. It’s what makes us who we are and the reason or the reputation we have. We don’t go down. We’re resilient and we will get through this, in time. Unfortunately, being a New Yorker doesn’t mean we’re full of patience but stay strong as this too shall pass.

In the mean, we are still an Events and Venue Booking Company and still always looking out for new and interesting things for you to do. Even during a pandemic and danger on the streets. You may have to stay in for the time being but there is still plenty to do besides stream your shows. You can still support your local establishments (and order booze). There is no better time to do this as they are struggling worse than you probably know in midst of all this. Try digitally borrowing books from the library; this is a free option that is also supporting a New York establishment. There are also plenty of virtual tours to check out many institutions around town. So now, you CAN be a ‘Museum Person’ without the commitment of spending a day walking the halls.

Our point is that while the times are tough, we live in a world where many fun activities can be experienced digitally. Not ideal for many but it sure beats the alternative. Stay safe and hang in there.