What is New York Events?

New York Events is an easy-to-navigate event guide, management and production company.

Tell us more about the guide.

New York Events was founded with a focus and mission on quality and service, and we require the same standards for our content-partners and their events. We have limited the events on our website to those we feel represent what you’re looking for.

Tell us more about the events you produce.

New York Events produces between 10-12 events of our own, per year, which means that our expert team is always on the hunt and carefully selects venues across New York.  This is where you benefit!  Whether you’re planning a birthday, bachelor party, corporate event, or family reunion, we’ll save you time and money by planning everything for you!  The best part is, it won’t cost you a thing.  Yes, we mean FREE!

Why use New York Events?

Aside from being FREE, we know events!  The advantage of planning with New York Events is that we’re and event guide!  This means that you reap benefits that other event planners could not offer! We have relationships with various venues around New York and as you read earlier, we do not just work with anyone; so, you don’t have to do the legwork.  We’ll identify some venue options for you, leverage our relationships and get you a great deal!  New York Events will secure the space and then help plan and promote the event.  Oh yea,  that includes leveraging any of the services we currently offer as part of the event guide.  Score for you!

I’m sold, now what?

Simple!  Fill out the planning form outlining what type of event you’re looking to plan and we’ll begin your search using the information provided.  We’ll ensure that the event you’re planning is a complete success by lending you some of our tools. Oh and did we mention that this service is completely free?!

Still not convinced?  What if we guaranteed it?

Like we said, we do this for a living all day with our event guide; we know venues!  Your information is 100% secure with us. We’ll only connect you with places that meet your needs and never ask for a dollar.  Second and most important, once you decide on a venue to use, we’ll connect you directly with someone we already  have a relationship with.  This means that you’ll be treated like royalty (New York Events royalty that is).

What if form filling and emailing is not for me?

Then you fit right in! Our super friendly team is always just a phone call, e-mail or text away.  You can reach us via phone and text at 646-504-8345 or via email at nt@newyorkevents.co.

We cant wait to serve you!