We find the term ‘event’ to be very generic. In fact, we often get calls from current and potential clients indicating that they would like to host an ‘event’ and want a venue. More often than not, the people on the other line realize that while they’re hosting an ‘event’, they’re really providing an experience. There’s a difference.

Without thinking about the experience that you want your guests to have and take with them, it’s almost impossible to plan anything else. We specialize in securing venues for events. However, anyone can Google the name of a restaurant, call the number on the website and make a reservation. We aim to get to the core. We strive to have your guests have an experience they talk about for a long time and attach to you. Whether that is for social status or business, being attached to a memory that people cherish is very powerful.

There are many studies that show that memories and experiences have more long term value than any material object can provide. When things get rough, you remember good memories. When you’re in social settings, you talk about what you’ve done lately. You want your ‘event’ in that conversation! The best way to do that is to provide an experience.  Yes,  the venue is important but you need to know how you want your guests to feel before you even begin to select a venue.

The first thing to consider when designing an experience is who your guests are. If your guests are a bunch of older Partners at Law Firms, do not bring them to a burlesque show in the East Village (yes, we are generalizing). Conversely, if you’re catering to a group of twenty somethings, maybe stay away from a formal sit down dinner (again, we are generalizing). The point is to start with your guests. Who are they? What do they enjoy? What do you want them to get out of the event? What do you want to get after the event?  These may seem like basic questions but they are crucial as you frame out your event, the neighborhood you host your event, the venue you select and even the linens you put on the table (or deciding not to)!

Seems stressful? It’s not! We do this all day, every day. Please give us a call to bounce some ideas around. We love this stuff!