Sometimes when you’re on your own turf, things seem easier. You know where things are. You know how to get places, you know where to find things and who to call. It’s a luxury we all take for granted in our daily lives. In fact, most of us do not recognize how comforting this is until its taken away or not available.

In this day in age, people are more mobile than everywhere. From destination weddings to conferences in cities across the world. It seems like no one can sit still anymore. For better or worst, that means we have to account for getting what we need in a place that is foreign to us. What to do when that happens?  Take our strong advice and rely on an expert.

When planning functions not in your hometown that means going beyond the local DJ and photographer. Sure, it would be nice to bring everyone with you but that can be a budget buster. The anxiety comes with the level of comfort you’ll have with someone you never worked with. Hire an intermediary. If they’re great, you will feel comfortable with their selections the entire way.

New York Events works with many event coordinators and organizations outside of New York. Whether that means groups from California or the Far East, we are the eyes and ears on the ground. There is a lot of value in that. Since we’re the ones living and breathing this stuff and constantly planning and coordinating, our clients gain a level of comfort.

We involve our clients as much as we need to and make recommendations when we have to. It’s level of trust that allows the event coordinator to focus on what’s most important – their guests and the experience they’ll have. Leave the dirty work  to us! We preach it all the time and live by the local. We see the global but act local.  If you’re planning something in New York City and this is not your home, let us be your boots on the ground. It won’t cost you a thing!