The world is currently closed for business. We know that. And, by world, we actually mean the world. Not just New York, which most of us call the world. As a side note, we would like to add that when New York is closed, so is the world. We truly are the engine which is why we have so much confidence that we’ll be back up and running in a period of time. This will pass and our resilient city will do what it does best – dust itself off and get back to it.

While that it all is happening and we’re stuck inside, we might want to take a timeout from our TV shows and movies to think about the world that awaits. Yes, it will be different, but life will go on and we need to plan. In fact, we probably need to plan more given the circumstances. Events have been taking place virtually over mediums like Zoom and Skype. We commend the technology and grateful that it exists. It’s a short-term fix and keeps us all connected. Having said that, we cannot wait for the real thing!

As we begin to think about live events in our books, we should start to consider dates, neighborhoods and venues. Additionally, we should also consider social distancing, masks and other stress points that our guests will feel as a result of this pandemic. The goal of an event is for everyone to leave talking about how great it was. In order for that to happen, your guests have to feel comfortable. Every guest list is different so this will require you to really understand who you are inviting and what their needs are to stay comfortable. No one said that hosting an event is easy. It’s time to up your game. Your guests will appreciate it and remember it for a long time. Oh, and if you need help, call us!