The piece is called “Points of View”. The Sculptor is Tony Cragg. The Curator is Brooke Kamin Rapaport. And, the location is Madison Square Park.

Madison Square Park Conservancy’s public art program, known as Mad. Sq. Art., has outdone themselves with their selection this time! Strange-shaped bronze towers over 22 feet tall that weigh between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds each were hoisted and installed in Madison Square Park.

There’s three enormous bronze sculptures on three lawns in the park. The piece has set out to get between the art divide of abstraction and figuration. We think it’s downright awesome and interesting.

While the piece is beautiful and magnificent, we were more interested in how it got there! They’re HUGE and traveled from Europe! The pieces traveled across the Atlantic Ocean on a container ship, went through customs (obviously) and then driven across the George Washington Bridge and the Macombs Dam Bridge in the middle of the night. Tractor-trailers then took them to a lot in the Bronx used as a staging area by the company that would ultimately install them. Oh and by the way, they then traveled to Manhattan and installed amidst the Shake Shack line! I dare you to ask someone to give up their place in line!

Whether or not you’re into art or sculptures, it’s something to see from a logistics point of view! Oh and by the way, it’s free!