Here in New York, we’re constantly pushing boundaries and setting the tone for others to follow. It’s very evident that you cannot hold the city down because of the people that are here. It takes a certain personality to live here and that’s what drives our city. For this reason, we are never stagnant and known as the city that is ever-changing. This is not by accident.

With the pandemic in the rearview mirror, a switch went off and our city is back. And don’t expect it to look the same. Consistent with its history, we are moving forward and changing. This is taking place in all areas. Especially our arts, music, and culture.  During the pandemic, we have found ourselves focused on the past and the ‘old school’. A time when things seemed simpler and easier. While that may not have been the case should you asked the folks around at various points in time, we enjoyed fantasizing about periods of the past. Looking at those times, we think of the music and how can we think of historic New York without hearing jazz.

Lucky for us, there are plenty of places to capture the moments of yesteryear in our jazz clubs where we can imagine the smoky room and people dressed in hats, pearls and suits. In fact, some of those establishments may have been kept secret. Well, we can enjoy that time period right now in our city. That all can happen for your enjoyment at Daddy Rabbit. Never heard of it? There’s a reason.

We have some details but not much. We know that Misha Piatigorsky launched Daddy Rabbit at an undisclosed location in midtown Manhattan a few months ago and has, since then, set up two separate shows where the guests heard of the event through word of mouth.  How do you get in? Easy! Not! The only way we know of is to send an email to From there, you will be placed on a mailing list and receive a formal invite to the upcoming performances alongside instructions on how to by a $40 ticket (Steal!).

The next show will take place on July 2nd and is sure to be a cultural experience that you will never forget.  Send that email. Get on the list. Capture old New York in 2021. We certainly cannot wait!