If there is any time of year that seemed magical, that would be now. There is nothing like the holiday season in New York City. Just ask the next tourist you bump into on the corner. They come from everywhere to experience the magic and energy that is New York City from Thanksgiving to New Years. Beginning with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade to the tree lighting to the Rockettes and everything else going on, New York owns the magic which is a powerful thing.

It is only appropriate and only makes sense to see magic as the city captures it. And that seems to be what Simon Painter, Tim Lawson, MagicSpace Entertainment, and Road Show Entertainment LLC all had in mind when they chose to bring back THE ILLUSIONISTS to Broadway for a third consecutive holiday season in a limited engagement through January 1, 2017. Do we know our city or what?

Because we are who we are and we do what we do, people ask us to see things and hear what we think. This was the case when we were invited to see THE ILLUSIONISTS last week. We know the show but were psyched to see The Clairvoyants. This team can read your mind – quite literally. And, they prove it throughout the show. Almost as magical as their act is how people’s jaws drop as they try to figure out how it’s done.  They’re kind of a big deal given that they were on “America’s Got Talent” and after four months, six different performances and over 100.000 contestants, America voted them second place.

Our favorite part about the show is how it manages to take you back in time. Back to 1903. The costumes, the set and the music all set the tone. There are small bits paying homage to Houdini and magicians that allowed the show to happen. You’ll understand why the performers were inspired.  Speaking of which, the show includes Dana Daniels as The Charlatan who will make you think you’re at a comedy show, Charlie Frye as The Eccentric who pays much respect to America’s rich vaudeville tradition, Mark Kalin as The Showman (and once made an American Airline Jumbo Jet at the Reno Hilton disappear), Jinger Leigh as The Conjuress and maybe the sole reason you feel like you’re back in time, Justo Thaus Jin as The Grand Carlini and possibly the best part of the show (you think you know puppets), Rick Thomas, The Immortal who needs no introduction and finally Jonathan Goodwin, The Daredevil who makes the Coney Island Freakshow look like Disneyland.

The show is epic, the show is beautiful. The show is abracadabra without every saying it. THE ILLUSIONISTS caters to every age and more important, entertains people of all ages. The interactive show will make you forget about the modern world and allows you to enjoy the 2 and a half hour vacation back in time where you’ll come back appreciating the future.

As we mentioned, the show is limited and may be the most unique way to truly capture the New York City magic in its limited engagement through January 1st at the Palace Theatre.  For tickets and more information, please visit The Illusionists.