Once upon a short-lived distraction on Lafayette Street while walking towards the subway heading to Brooklyn with a couple of besties, we found ourselves detouring to a very cute place called Pravda. I wish it existed on every corner of every metropolis, however, its exclusivity to NYC makes it that much more special. We walked in and the Russian/ European lounge music immediately embraced the senses. I felt like dancing, but curtailed the decision and instead swayed in place by the door while waiting for our seats. Less than a blink of an eye we were at a table; automatically, this place had a row of gold stars as a potential for a future repeat offender. The tables were clean; the service was impeccable as we requested our first round.

It was one of those nights perhaps triggered by the full moon, that I wanted to try something new and exotic. Therefore, I asked the hostess for her favorite adult beverage recommendation. She chose the Caviar Martini made with cucumber and dill served with a spoonful of real caviar.  Once it made its way to the table, I couldn’t contain the excitement. It was delicious, moreover, this was the first experience with caviar and it blew the initial grimace off my face and replaced it with a huge smile of satisfaction. Our table filled with overflowing indulgence with additional orders, such as the Vladimir Martini, Moscow Mule and Leninade Martini continuing the Russian liquid seduction. Though this place is not mean’t for dancing, it’s a great place to celebrate life.

By: Laura M.Artis