It seems that everything is always ‘going up’. Until recently, it was gas and clothes and education. Don’t forget about rent, food, and train fare. It often feels that while prices are rising, salaries remain stagnant. Let the complaints begin. With current conditions, you have a right to bitch.

We complain too; why would we not order Seamless when shopping and cooking for ourselves is more expensive, and to boot, we have a mess to clean! We’re with you on the food; except when it comes to the most delicious sandwich ever, pastrami! The New York Times recently ran a story on how the price of pastrami has been increasing, even forcing some places to take it off the menu. Gasp!

The prices would have to put us in the poor house for us to stop making trips to Katz, Pastrami Queen or 2nd Avenue Deli! And even then, we may just take the sandwich and eat it in the poor house.

What is the purpose of this article? We want to let you know that we’re outraged with the rising costs of food and everything else but less sensitive to the rising costs of pastrami. Think we’re nuts? Try Katz, Pastrami Queen or 2nd Avenue Deli as soon as possible and email us your thoughts! You will not be disappointed!