It’s been over 100 years since alcohol was banned in New York City and finally Manhattan’s first (legal) whiskey distillery since prohibition is opening this weekend! While this is not New York City’s first distillery — Manhattan has been producing vodka in Chelsea since 2018.  However, we were just as shocked as you when we found this out. I mean, why no whiskey until now?! We like to think that we have everything you can ever imagine crammed on our island. Guess we were missing one thing. Now, we have it! Starting this weekend, on August 21st Great Jones Distilling Co. is open to the public!

Great Jones will draw on local talent for the debut of this groundbreaking whiskey destination. Proximo Spirits, which also owns and operates tequila producer Jose Cuervo, is tapping an experienced team: Celina Perez is the head distiller and Jelani Johnson is the assistant distiller; the duo worked with Owney’s Rum in Brooklyn, the Times reports.

Their home will be located at 686 Broadway in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan which is a monument to the rich culture of Prohibition-era New York, and a celebration of whiskey — past and present.  The spirit of New York drives everything they do which is why they use 100% New York-sourced ingredients in their craft whiskeys, and it’s what inspires Great Jones to deliver experiences worthy of the best of our city. Whether you’re touring the distillery, sipping a craft cocktail, or enjoying a locally-sourced meal at their restaurant, your part of a New York tradition, reborn.  All we can say is that it’s about damn time!

Step through the doors at 686 Broadway and be greeted by the spirit and ambition of NYC. Raise a toast in the bars, enjoy locally-sourced cuisine, and witness whiskey distilled before your eyes. It all begins this weekend. For more information and reservations, please visit: